Shanghai Peterson Metal Structure System Co., Ltd. has professional architectural steel structure design capabilities, especially in large-span steel structure industrial plants and logistics centers. It can provide the preliminary planning and design of the project, the construction drawing design of the building structure in the middle of the project, the structural safety assessment service after the completion of the project, and the structural transformation and reinforcement service after the project is changed.

In addition to the design consulting services in the above-mentioned industrial building field, our company can also provide the following design consulting services for various special building structures: (including but not limited to)

※ The structure of various mobile building warehouses (hangars, motorized garages, temporary storage buildings);
※ The roof structure and floor structure of various large-span, large-space buildings, such as the roof structure of airport terminal, railway station waiting hall, subway and light rail station;
※ The daylighting zenith or dome in various large-span buildings;
※ Special steel structure design in various civil buildings, including curtain wall structures of various buildings;
※ Various pipe support and hanger structures in various industrial and civil buildings;
※ Various types of steel stairs and steel flyovers in civil buildings;

For example: The special-shaped steel structure design of Landsea Technology-Passive House Research Center.
                     Structural safety assessment of Shanghai Hengyu Real Estate Co., Ltd.'s new plant.

Optimized design:
Our optimization design capabilities are mainly reflected in: relying on senior professional designers, according to the requirements of the owner, under the premise of meeting national regulations, re-calculating the completed design plans, seeking more economical structural plans, and reducing the amount of structural steel used. Save project cost for the owner.

For example: Nanjing Valeo Automobile's second phase project (with photos), through our optimized design, saved more than 1,000 tons of steel for the project.

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