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Born in USA, Peterson is an industrial company specialized in the design and fabrication of construction products and solutions. Peterson steel joists are fabricated in a variety of shapes and sizes, and customized to meet your architectural and cost-efficient requirements. 

Peterson Steel Joist can produce over 5000 tons of various steel products annually, including R-K serial Joist, F-LH serial Joist, DH serial Joist and S serial Space Joist with its production bases in Taian, Shandong Province,Sales Office in Shanghai of P.R. China.

Peterson Steel Joist Will pursue the following goals:
To build high value-added cost-efficient in the Steel Joist Industry;
To operate under a transparent and ethical management Structure;
To provide unparalleled value to customers;

We are now positioned to become the leading Steel Joist product provider using our first-class technical Innovation in P.R. China.


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In USA, a wide range of Steel Joist products has been designed and manufactured due to its quick and economical. As a basic element support roofs and floors in most industrial, commercial, and institutional buildings, Steel Joist products has been significantly contributed to the economic growth of the USA. Peterson Company has taken three years to nationalized, standardized and serialized the steel joist products in P.R. China. Through production innovation and technology development, we believe that it also will greatly enhance the competitive power of the country’s major industries such as Distribution, automobile and electronics, etc. 

We believe that the growth of our business would not have been possible without support from customers.

Peterson Company will continue to promote corporate social responsibility by practicing impeccable integrity and adhering to the highest ethical standards, while providing exceptional value-add service for customers.

In addition, we will make ongoing efforts to recruit and train highly talented individuals and focus on efforts to provide an inspiring workplace in which young professionals are challenged to strive for ambitious goals and maximize their potential in both their personal and professional lives.

We deeply appreciate your continued support and encouragement, and we pledge to reward your support with the highest quality products and services as we remain committed to innovation and technical excellence.


The World’s Most Competitive Steel Joist Company through Innovation.
We Span Bigger, We Save More. Save the Steel, Save the energy, Save the Earth.
Peterson, committed to entrepreneurial spirit and innovation, aims to be a leader in the design and fabrication of steel building solutions, focuses to achieve the satisfaction of its customers, maintaining the highest competitiveness by high quality of our products.
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Business Policy

Business Policy

1) strengthen executive power based on management, speed up the innovation of management methods and provide the best customer service.
2) by implementing risk management and control to reduce operational risks, maintain a fair and clear human resources policy, and maintain an excellent customer service system.
3) through the enterprise supply chain management to reduce costs, maintain a good working environment to encourage the independent working capacity of all employees to ensure the highest quality of each product and service.
4) increasing sales through providing value-added services to customers, fostering positive corporate culture to enhance employees' initiative and responsibility.
5) to ensure timely delivery through the implementation of just in time production system, and actively advocate various forms of enterprise technological innovation activities.
6) strengthen and strengthen the ties with the suppliers of raw materials.

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